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1.  G1 Backstreet (Triggerbot)
2.  G1 Bomb-burst (Pretender)
3.  G1 Bugly (Pretender)
4.  G1 Carnivac (Pretender Beast)
5.  G1 Catilla (Pretender Beast)
6.  G1 Chainclaw (Pretender Beast)
7.  G1 Cindersaur (Firecon)
8.  G1 Cloudburst (Pretender)
9.  G1 Crankcase (Triggercon)
10.  G1 Darkwing (Powermaster) with Throttle
11.  G1 Dogfight (Triggerbot)
12.  G1 Doubledealer (Powermaster) with Knok and Skar
13.  G1 Dreadwind (Powermaster) with Hi-Test
14.  G1 Fangry (Headmaster) with Brisko
15.  G1 Finback (Pretender)
16.  G1 Fizzle (Sparkabot)
17.  G1 Flamefeather (Firecon)
18.  G1 Getaway (Powermaster) with Rev
19.  G1 Groundbreaker (Pretender)
20.  G1 Gunrunner (Pretender Vehicle)
21.  G1 Guzzle (Sparkabot)
22.  G1 Horri-bull (Headmaster) with Kreb
23.  G1 Hosehead (Headmaster) with Lug
24.  G1 Iguanus (Pretender)
25.  G1 Joyride (Powermaster) with Hotwire

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