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1.  Movie ROTF Gathering at the Nemesis (Megatron [Voyager], The Fallen & Soundwave - Toys R Us exclusiv
2.  Cyberverse (2011-) Bumblebee and Starscream Evolutions - Cybertronian & non-Cybertronian (Toys R Us
3.  Cyberverse (2011-) Cybertronian Warriors Pack - Ironhide & Bumblebee vs Barricade & Crankcase (Toys
4.  Movie ROTF Shanghai Showdown: Autobot Skids, Mudflap vs. Demolishor
5.  Cyberverse (2011-) Bumblebee vs Soundwave w/ bonus Rodimus
6.  Cyberverse (2011-) Battle in the Moonlight - Optimus Prime & Ratchet vs Crankcase
7.  Movie DOTM Human Alliance Leadfoot w/ Sergeant Detour & Steeljaw (Target exclusive)
8.  Movie ROTF Super Tuner Throwdown (Blowpipe vs Sideways)
9.  Movie ROTF The Fury of Fearswoop (Fearswoop, Sideswipe & Mudflap - Walmart exclusive)
10.  Movie ROTF Back Road Brawl (Hoist & Mixmaster ["G1" deco])
11.  Alternators Rodimus (Prime)
12.  Movie ROTF Straightaway Shootout Legends 5-pack (Target exclusive - Ironhide, Mudflap, Runamuck, Spa
13.  Movie ROTF Autobot Strike Mission Legends 4-pack (Sam's Club exclusive - Breakaway, Longarm, Sideway
14.  Movie ROTF War for the Skies Legend 4-pack (Kmart exclusive - Autobot Blades, Jetfire, Thundercracke
15.  Movie ROTF Recon Ravage (mail order)
16.  Movie ROTF Nebular Starscream (Kmart exclusive)
17.  Alternators Decepticon Rumble (WalMart exclusive)
18.  Alternators Nemesis Prime (Comic-Con exclusive...) [deleted]
19.  Alternators Ravage (WalMart exclusive)

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