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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2003
Categories: 2003, Supercon, Armada

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Armada Nemesis Prime w/ Run-Over - Sightings

Activity (last 6 months by week):
Sighting User Date  
Wal-Mart Scottsdale, AZ (US)
Toys "R" Us Bloomington, MN (US)
Toys "R" Us Kamloops, BC (CA)
Kmart Fridley, MN (US)
Toys "R" Us Winchester, VA (US)
Kmart Asheville, NC (US)
Wal-Mart Oklahoma City, OK (US)
Toys "R" Us Kitchener, ON (CA)
Wal-Mart Houston, TX (US)
Toys "R" Us St. Cloud, MN (US)
Toys "R" Us Arlington, TX (US)
Target hackensack, NJ (US)
kmart west side parrish av. Owensboro, KY (US)
Toys "R" Us Calgary, AB (CA)
Toys "R" Us woodbury, MN (US)
Kmart Salina, KS (US)
Wal-Mart Salina, KS (US)
Toys "R" Us Las Vegas, NV (US)
Toys "R" Us New York City, NY (US)
Super Kmart San Jose, CA (US)
Kmart Owensboro, KY (US)
Toys "R" Us Columbia, SC (US)
Toys "R" Us Miami, FL (US)
Wal-Mart Peterborough, ON (CA)
Toys "R" Us Owensboro, KY (US)
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