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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2009
Categories: 2009 (
), ROTF Leader (
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Reviews - Movie ROTF Optimus Prime

Send this toy to my house it is my son's birthday today. please
Great is both modes. but the transformation from Bot to truck is needlessly over complicated and that hurts it alot. screen accuracy will be hard to top.
Awesome feat of toy engineering. Only one problem. Where is his blaster rifle?! Why make a Prime this awesome and not include his iconic weapon? Also I hate the fact this prime doesn;t have rubber tires. And the chest pop out peg thing is just awful.
megatron has a kitty kat
i would give him a 15 because i have the premiumprime from the first movie and...well my new optimus prime decapitated the old one literally and by sheer detail.best prime of the movie universe although i wonder about the third movie toys.....interesting
one of my furst rotf figures. love the mold. optimus looks grate. only problems are the swords springing out when they arnt wanted and the cab not clipping perfectly
If there were such a thing,i'd give this guy a 15. It has a seamless vehicle mode and a almost kibble-less robot mode. I do have two complaints.The chest is annoying, and the phrase"I am Optimus Prime"gets boring. But all the past Primes are now unworthy.
devastator 217
Awsome!!! Thats the only word that comes to mind wean I even look at this guy! To tell you the truth I was sorta scared about the transformation but once you get the grasp on things it's not that hard but the way the chest has to transform well...
i loe this figer. it looksw great in vecial and robot. but its kina hard 2 transfome 2 veical, but it has an awsome voice gemic and sorwds! awsome figer man
There needs to be an 11 available for toys like this. Sculpt is perfect, paint is perfect, articulation is amazing and the transformation is incredibly complex! I love it when a 26 year fan has to constantly refer to the instructions to convert a TF
amazingly detailed figure and the swords rock. the share engineering on this is worth the price. you can also attach the movie 1 optimus gun on him(extend the sword and it "slips on") and look super cool. 1 point away because nothing beats the g1 prime:)
This figure is awsome! If you fold out the back panels right you can even give him a jet-pack, who needs parachutes! Also there's a button under the head-ake rack marked with a triangle, push it for his truck mode sounds.
Phantom 99
Oh yeah, people are over-exaggerating on the difficulty of the transformation.It's pretty easy for a leader class..in my opinion.
Phantom 99
Since I don't have the first movie prime I cant tell which one is better. The only thing keeping this from being a 10 is the arm blades that constantly pop out.
Robot better than before, truck not as good, many gaps. Long rocket science transformation, but fun in that you have to totally unfold him. I feel I need excess force, typical modern day TF as in things don't click in place very well. WHY THE SWORDS?
Allthough the plainess of the colours arent detailed enough, the mold is superior to any previous Prime (except G1 & MP) I consider this inovative and a move up from the rubbish 2007 model. All you need to do is repaint and customsize it and its perfect !
Wow one of my favorite revenge toys
The sword gimmick is a bit buggy and the transformation requires a degree in engineering for the first go around. Definetly not a toy for little kids, but far superior to the last movie prime.
Wheelie is my Name
Movie accurate mold. Almost a masterpiece detail. Transformation is pretty hard but its getting easier. No rubber tires or extra sounds in truck mode. My second favorite ROTF fig.
WOW! THIS GUY IS AWESOME! PICK HIM UP! awesome alt mode but his robot mode is... AMAZING though slitghtly hard to transform, not for 5-9 year olds!
im am so happy when i got there to walmart, and saw him on the self waiting for me to purchase . even hasbro lady took pictures of me loading up my shopping cart . awsome . di not have a hard time transforming him at all! best prime by far and to come
draconis of nebulos
I refer to this 1 as the "Movie Masterpiece Optimus Prime." What more needs to be said? A must have.
Dr. Phil
Transformation is not nearly as bad as people make it out to be - don't let that scare you from picking up this figure. Wish it had rubber tires and a better sword fold away design. Almost Masterpiece-like. Get him. Favorite ROTF toy thus far.
Not as good as last prime in itself, but since it will supposedly combine with jetfire I will give it extra points. VERY HARD TRANSFORMATION.
Looks great in both modes but bot mode is quite hampered by the new sword gimmick and arm panels when posing. Transformation either way is extremely complicated with a number of "just mash it until it all clicks into place" moments. Still prefer last one.
Best Prime yet! tricky to convert the first few times but very very inovative and amazingly screen accurate! If you only buy one ROTF toy buy this prime. ^_^
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