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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2010
Categories: 2010 (
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Reviews - Generations Optimus Prime (War for Cybertron)

A deluxe figure with an amazing transformation and articultation, a vehicle mode which looks powerful and tough, and a powerful looking robot mode. Go out and get him now!
great in both mode but the transformation hurts it in that the need to go in a precise order hurts its score. not a difficult transformation, its just to have little to no leeway in how to transform him.
Great Robot mode. Awful Truck mode.
Nefarious Tumor
Great game accurate alt mode and robot mode with a fun transformation. However, just a little bit of kibble in robot mode and stability issues keep this from being perfect.
Plastic feels very thin and cheap. Head is also too small. Transformation is complex but not too hard. Colors look good. Flip change rifle is very cool. Vehicle mode is a nice concept. Good to see what G1 Prime might have looked like on Cybertron.
Like a mix of WW prime and animated Prime. Looks like the ingame version so is "game accurate". Only complaint is with all the thin pieces (don't drop it or step on it).
Optimus Panel, I mean prime, isn't a bad figure. It just feels like they really didn't put a lot of planning into him. Would have preferred his axe to the gun though.
Very cool figure. Lots of kibble, but it works as cool armor enhancements. Cool transforming weapons, very cool vehicle and robot modes. The lets are a little weak, but because he's pretty close to the game OP, I can forgive that.
megatron has a kitty kat
awesome prime figure. this is why i have like 7 different primes because he is so freaking awesome. seriously for a cybertronian mode he has articulation in some of the most needed place in an action figure. heres the glass to you hasbro, and thank you
Dr. Phil
Totally agree with the previous poster who says that this toy is better than Titanium TWW Prime. Even though I'm not into War For Cybertron, this toy isn't bad at all.
grate figure, complex and rewarding transformation, non discript alt mode. intrikit, pozable bot mode. interesting asthetic. powwerful nobal looking figure if a little small. perfect 10 if he was voiager sized. pick him up
Extremely complex and rewarding to transform.Amazing ,possibly unprecedented level of detail.Perfectly proportioned.Few detriments-a bit too small,flimsy gun and no waist articulation.Truck mode is excellent-no cockpit,aggressive styling.
Complex, lots of little pieces, but has a nice heft and great articulation-- double knee joints! Great transforming gun seems like it may not hold up to collector play, let alone kid play. Easily better than Titanium TWW Prime. Worth the price.
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