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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2010
Categories: 2010 (
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Reviews - Generations Soundwave (War for Cybertron)

Big Mac
Soundwave is an interesting figure. His original alt. mode is obsolete,but if you try to update him it takes away form the essence of the character. This figure is a Great update to the original. My onlt complaint is that he can't carry partners. Grade A+
Decepticon Spike
Soundwave has always been my favorite TF. His Cybertron car mode in a bit lacking, but his fan made boombox mode is fun, and he can do a decent cartoon Cybertron mode from MTMTE.
Has a strong G1 look even though its WFC Soundwave. I like the detail, accents of purple and G1 Soundwave colors. Vehicle mode is kind of boring, but I do like the boombox mode. Head sculpt and articulation are great. Loses a point for weak legs.
Car mode is nice buut dull. Bot mode is good but some minor complaints. Head only a swivel, guns rather small, arms slightly haampered by kibble, mine has loose joints. Overall its an excellent fig. But the biggest problem is that he has no minions.
Soundwave is always my favorite, and this is a fantastic figure in a fantastic line. The back doesn't seem too open to me, but it lacks the posability of some of the WFC figures. Cool vehicle, wish it had some tapes. Other than that, another awesome WFC.
This is the greatest soundwave ive ever got.vehicle mode is very unique,paint is great,weapons are straight out of G1.i love this figure.the only downside was his legs can get loose and his roof can unpeg on its own.but i fixed that with superglue easily.
Mine has pegging issues that required a bit of x-acto work.Waist doesn't turn.Vehicle back wide open.Otherwise superb,standout bot mode.Looks great with Hound's ravage and Cyb Soundwave's Laserbeak!
One Word: Awesome... A must of every Transformers Fan out there reading this... If you see it get it. You won't regret it.
Only complaint is he has no partners. Other than that he's a fantastic figure.
the best soundwave out there. 2 grate modes and an unofficial third that is out of this world cool. imposing bot mode with cool weapons, only way this figure could be better is if he had his minicons
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