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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2011
Categories: 2011 (
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Reviews - Generations Thunderwing

I have Skyshadow, which is a repaint with a different head but the same body, I like this guy, he tranforms quick and simply, and has a heck of alot of weapons
been wanting him for a while, got thim a month ago and he has already killed 17 figures of mine.....=P just pure awesome fun in such a little package
Looks amazing.Jet mode is tight,no wing probs on mine.No waist articulation.guns stack together,landing gear rolls,drone fighter in cockpit.A bit small for such a potent character,like Straxus.Short for his class,but packed with extras.
Decepticon Spike
Very nice homage to both the G1 toy and the character in the Marvel comic. Easy transform and very possable. Very glad I picked him up on an impulse.
a good figure that invokes the g1 carictor perfectly. simple transformation and gigantic weapons, strong looking and impozing. don't rush out to pick thunderwing up but hey he want's the matrix so that's all good lol
Simplicity goes a long way-- easy transformation, fun design, weapons are a little big but eh-- it's a nice piece. If you like toys you can convert in under a minute, this is going to be your new best friend.
Excellent colors giving a G1 vibe. Transformation is pretty lame. Robot mode looks great but lacks articulation. Jet mode is nice. Loses three points for: wings that don't lock in place, odd neck and weapons that will not say firmly pegged.
I'm actually not super-impressed with this one. The mold is fun, but not very posable, the guns are too big for his arms, and the transformation is a bit too simple. Don't get me wrong, he's great, but just not what we've seen from the rest of Generations
Jarreth the Crimson
A fantastic new mold transformer at last.He even has the comic style face and body from the Stormbringer comics. Hasbro has to keep going.I just love the generations line because all the characters are based on the comics and games.
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