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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2004
Categories: 2004 (
), Command (
), Energon (

Reviews - Energon Scorponok

Good toy that, sadly, is known to suffer a design flaw that eventually destroys the toy but it is easily fixed and I did that immediately as soon as I got him last week. Limited in some movement but he is still one awesome Scorponok toy
Picked him up cheap & am really suprised just how detailed he is for an energon figure. Looks good next to Mega-Dinobot & even has a secret 4th fortress/crane mode (it was dropped before release!). A+
g1 is the best
yay scorponok is way better than the beastwars and the moivie the repaint and calling him dark scorponok and that makes him even more awsome got him at walmart for under 25 bucks so if i was you get him now because if you dont your just as dumb as me
Heero Yuy
Energon Scorp >>>>>>>> Least Wars Scorp, nuff said.
Domon Kasshu
Scorponok? More like Score-ponok!!
He's a bit bulky, and his tail is a little too sensitive with that motion noise. But a truly cool bot in all other respects.
This is by far the best TF so far! Everything is perfect! good poses, good articulation, triple changer, good v-mode/bot mode, etc. I just luv how he is big and had the best articluation of decepticons as well as so many different kinds of weapons!
I want to give this a higher rating. The weakness of his different modes & bland colors makes me long for the days of G1 Scorponok. One cool - his head. Looks cool. I like his firing missiles too but his batteries died with very little to almost no use.
Evil Decepticon
I have to say that i wasn't a big fan of Scorponok becuz of the way he disrespected Megatron but buying the 2-pack with him and landmine has really changed my mind about him. Hel* if i looked liked that i'd wanna be the decepticon leader too!
I got Scorpy in a 2-pack with Landmine for $27,and I must say, this is one of the best I've ever seen. The colors could have been better with a purple instead of orange, to fit with other decepticons with the heavy equipment feel, but it's a A+. Good buy!
NICE work , the best decepticon ever , but come on hasbro more weapons will be fine
by far, the coolest Energon Decepticon ever! He is extremely well-designed and a perfect hommage to the original! The designers really went the extra mile with all the cool gimmicks like missiles, sound effects and a third alt mode! Pretty much perfect!
I love this guy hes the best decepticon i've got his scorpion mode is great though i would of prefered him to of had legs not wheels in this mode his jet mode is great and robot mode is the best.
pretty good, wish his arms could move more...
A real recommendation for all TF fans. Hasbro/Takara did a superb job here, but you have to buy the japanese version: that one certainly is worthy of a 10. Because of his blue and orange colours the american one gets a still respectable 9
Excellent size and design. But however the colours are totally screwed. Makes him look like a hippy. G1 version is looking but this one has more features which is good. Buy if you have the money.
Unicron -z 3000
G1 Scorponok was a better version, but this toy has very nice features to it. The scropion, jet, and robot modes are very nice. The only real problem that I have with this one is the color. There is way too much green around the whole transformer.
Scorponok was my first and only Energon figure. He is a great toy. He has on of the best head sculps I have ever seen and great looking modes. I don't mind his colours and the only think I don't like about him is that he is WAY to easy to transform.
i can't believe people actully like this toy? what a peice of garbige its got no good weapons of any kinda its ughly as ever.......... frankly it doesnt hold a candle to the MEGATRON toy i tell you that
Rodimus Omega
Let me just say, I love this toy!!!! Scorponok is one awesome looking robot. I love the colors. it's more striking and makes him look stronger.Heck if changing colors around means that the Character is upgraded then this is the upgraded Mega Zarak!!
not verry possible and i still don't know what that tank scorpion mode is sopposed to be. But has an awesome jet mode and good colors.
Fairly good colour scheme but articulation is somewhat lacking. The jet mode is the only decent mode for this toy, buy only for the awsome clear visor or the amazing detail. The articulation is what lets this toy down.
very detailed in the face. I like the visor. Clear windows. Updated version of the old scorp. Bad paint job on the tail. Noises are annoying because they are triggered by movement. I don't like bulk, but scorp was originally that way.
hmm. this toy did not impress me at all its ocward bulky and very ugly the way its arms move is very anoying frankly its a toy that could've been alot better!
Cool things: Poseability, Face Sculpt, the way his feet hide the jet engines, sculpt is detailed. Bad: the tail could have easily been sculpted to hide like a back pack on his back in robot mode. Tail looks like some one used a black magic marker
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