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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2001
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Reviews - Robots In Disguise / RID (2001-) Optimus Prime

A heroic character with a heroic vehicle mode. Great levels of articulation, even in supermode. The base mode isn't my favourite but it's a good use of the supermode parts. Deffinetly worth the money,10/10
i had one when younger. unfortunately i lost it. i resently picked up another because he is so fun. one of the best primes out there. do not miss out on this figure
to many pieces...the front pieces was the best...
tadiyous desta
what is u hopi
Kira Yamato
Well recommended. I've got this from Japan when I was about 10 for my birthday. And it's one of my favorite Convoys from my most loved TF anime, Car Robots.
Headmaster Optimus Prime
The figure itself looks awesome.But it doesnt have a Prime look or feel about it.The name Optimus Prime means Conovoy,there for he should be a Semi Truck not a firetruck.I am a huge Prime fan,but this is the worst Prime figure ever.
The High Evolutionary
Only con is the instability of the center of his truck mode. Did anyone else notice Omega Prime can hold 6 Mini-Cons?
the best prime yet. just read all of the 10 reviews becuse thay know whut there saying. FIRE CONVOY RULES!!!
I think the RID Optimus Prime is a great toy. except for its voice box it is not supose to say Optimus Prime Maximize what it is supposed to say is Optimus Prime transform
This has everything that all transformers toys have to offer. The way it was designed is just genius. Also, ccombinig w/ Ultra Magnus to create Omega Prime was one of the most ingenius and greatest ideas
Zero Rez
Great toy. Little mode is great, BWish in a good way. The Larger mode is great, but the head/ladder peice falls off if you move the wrong way. If you have an imagination, then you can come up with a lot of alternate combinations. Buy it if you still can.
Best Transformer Ever. Laser Rod Prime might have beet him in gimmicks, barely, but that was before mini-cons came about. No question, RiD Prime beats all other transformers. Combiner, leader, matrix, powerlinx, and style.
Andrew James
Fantastic robot with great look and features. The only major floor is that is impossible to make battle mode as the ladder gets in the way and if you do mange it (screwed the ladder off) he dosn't stand well, but still great in robot mode
OP as a fire truck is awesome. Basic OP looks like original OP but much cooler. Sound effects and lights rule. Battle mode is awesome too. Could have had a bigger gun. Won Ultra Magnus on Ebay just to have him combine with OP. Cannot wait to do so! :-)
This transformer is very very very very very very well u get the idea...... Cool It is hard to pose him in battle mode though reminds me of G1 memories.
Megatron D-1
Primes a great toy.and,Skelotron was pointing out how much you guys complain,and you can clearly see his points threw his posts.he's just saying how idiotic people act cause it's different.you need to stop harrasing others!so blow it out you endotherms!
Evilmus Prime
A 10 if he was metal! very cool designs in all modes. If balanced just right you can extend the ladder all the way up in super mode. Love Prime/Magnus combo, but seperates with ease. LOOK FOR MINICON PEGS! EVILMUS PRIME
This guy is awsome because he has a fire engine mode with missiles, a robot mode with base ( which has mode guns than the original, a robot mode with giant missiles on his shoulders, a robot mode with giant hands, feet, head and chest, and an war machine
Just look at the front of the cab-- can't you the original Optimus? Optimus is greater than one alt mode, an out-dated 70's Freightliner COE. The cab transform is fun and amazing, while the snap-on armor leads to a well-proportioned super robot.
My Prime keeps falling apart! When I first saw it in Toyfare, I couldn't wait to buy it. Now that I got one, it is a major disappointment. And, Prime always had cool guns, why does this Prime have a HAIRDRYER for a weapon? We want a good Optimus Prime!!!
Black Dog
disappointing. why is megatron so complex, but optimus prime is not? pieces keep falling off it in his fire truck mode, spend half the time fixing it. bad weapons too. ultra magnus had a cool gun, but not optimus? something is not right here.
since when did takara get ideas from lego? too many lose pieces, more like a snap together, no glue necessary model kit. also, don't look like any real fire engine I see, unlike the car brothers who looks realistic.
boring! puzzle in disguise is more like it. no real transformation and loose pieces makes this toy a failure. by the way, takara, when you market to a predominantly english speaking market, get rid of the japanese words.
Puzzle Rattrap
Not actually all that good. The smaller robot looks like the marshmallow monster from Ghostbusters, and the construction quality is poor.
Ord Mantell
What happens when you combine a G1-style alternate mode with Beast Wars era articulation? You get R.I.D. Optimus Prime, one of the greatest transformers ever made!
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