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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2012
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Reviews - Generations Shockwave (Fall of Cybertron)

He's so SMALL! I mean, he looks cool, but he's almost scout size! Cool weapon, fun transformation, and interesting design makes up for it, as well as decent posability, but he's SO. SMALL. I feel he could have been a better, bigger figure.
This figure is great. The jet sand robot mode in my opinion are fine. The only wrong thing about him is the weapon. It can slide off easily and when it happens sometimes I can not put it back on. Otherwise , a great collectors item.
Excellent robot mode, so-so vehicle mode, decent weapon. Would be great if the weapon stayed together, and I wish the eye was yellow. I've been itching for a "classic" Shockwave and this one certainly is close enough for the price.
a great figure all things told. both modes look game acurate, both modes hold together well and its shockwave. the best from wave 1 though still small. sizes well and a must get for any tf collecter
I got my 1st fall of cybertron shockwave at target friday i like him he is my favorite fall of cybertron transformer i give him a 10/10 in spaceship mode and robot mode and i want the fall of cybertron video game too and fall of cybertron bruticus too
Without a doubt the best figure in the line thus far, he meets all my fav nit picks of size, articulation, sculpt, and coloration. Only problem is weapon slides apart easily sometimes. Minor complaint at best.
I'd say the best of wave 1. Looks good in both modes, which hold together far better than Jazz. What more can I say, it's Shockwave!
FUN vehicle mode. Decent robot mode. Not the best figure by far, but still better than Jazz.
FOC Shockwave surprised me, being the first one from this set I opened. I play the PC version of the game and both his alt and bot modes are available to players as sets. This toy is very accurate to the game. Only gripes are weapon storage (see comment)
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