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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2013
Categories: 2013 (
), Voyager (
), Generations (

Reviews - Generations Soundwave with Laserbeak (Fall of Cybertron)

great sculpting. smooth action disk launcher. A great addition to any soundwave collection.
My uncle got me this for my birthday a while ago. I have to say it's a great figure in both modes, and it even has a boombox mode! Great paint job, and though it's nice Laserbeak fits in his chest, the gimmick slides back the back, which is kind of dumb.
Poorly-designed POS. Laserbeak does NOT fit inside & you have to CRAM him in there which is a scary thing to do when he's a folded-up fragile parts. Launcher is on a flimsy stick that you RAM to TRY to shoot the disk out and you just KNOW it's gonna snap
A greaat figure overall. The disc shooter takes a couple uses before it gets fluid. Transformation close to WFC Soundwave. Looks great in both modes, and the disc gimmick (once working) is pretty cool, as most of the disc minicons transform when fired.
A+ toy ruined by a C- gimmick. The only thing worse than no gimmick is a flawed one, and the fact that it's difficult to load (or launch) the discs shows bad engineering. Great sculpt, fun transformation. Laserbeak is gun, needs eye deco.
Jarreth the Crimson
A very good design and rather clever cassette technique.The weapon that he holds on the box is that of the g1 optimus prime toy.
the figure is solid and good to look at in both modes. the gimic works well although the back sticks out quite a lot if data disks are stored. transform is fun and laserbeek is an interesting sidekick. deluxe intherior. voyager superior
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