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Company: hasbro
Release year: 2013
Categories: 2013 (
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Reviews - Generations Frenzy and Ratbat (Fall of Cybertron)

Sam B.
These guys are 100% ok. I like that they introduced Ratbat, an unpopular character, back into popularity, and I'm glad they made Frenzy red instead of blue like in the original cartoon. The thing I don't like is their extreme lack of articulation.
The cool gimmick works great with Soundwave, but Ratbat jams up his chest a lot. That said, Ratbat's color scheme is cool, but Frenzy is just okay. Like Rumble/Ravage, they're worth it if you have Soundwave, but by themselves they're a little dull.
While lacking in gear, this set works. Ratbat is a retool of Laserbeak/Buzzsaw with good deco - painted eyes! Transformation is simple and works flawlessly. Frenzy is good, but not great. Transformation is OK, head sculpt is weak. Best of the disc sets.
the gimic works well for both figures. the alt modes are kind of sucky but they look nice when transformed. not much pozability to speak of and frenzy is the better mold as ratbat is clearly remolded generic beast. get them never the less
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