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Company: hasbro
Release year: 2013
Categories: 2013 (
), Basic (
), Generations (
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Reviews - Generations Rumble and Ravage (Fall of Cybertron)

Ravage's back section is kind of a pain to put back in disc mode, and Rumble is kinda blah in my opinion. For small figures, they're both okay, but I actually prefer Ratbat to Ravage. Not quite worth it on their own, but good if you have Gen. Soundwave.
Rumble is acceptable, Ravage is not. The Ravage disc doesn't fit together right and the beast mode is just ugly. Both require fidgeting for the automorph and Ravage is decidedly un-Ravage-like. Skip it unless you LOVE Soundwave stuff. Rumble's fun though.
a superior set to frenzy and ratbat but not by much. both figures are nice and ravage is the clear fave. rumble is nice but just a repaint of frenzy. the gimic works well but as with the previous the alt sucks. if you get soundwave get all of these
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