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Release year: 2012
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Reviews - Generations Vortex (Fall of Cybertron)

Better than anticipated. Nice robot and vehicle mode, good articulation and I like the colors. Much better than Swindle and Brawl!
Linkin Pax Westen Combs
elbows wore out the day i opened mine due to crappy plastic but a very nice toy, colors would have been better if g1 colors were used but i still love robot and chopper, karate style hand, not so much
The best of the batch! Good copter, good robot. Great articulation, makes a good combiner arm for Bruticus too. I love the red deco, and it looks sort of like a Vehicon from Beast Machines. $15 is expensive, but I've bought and like all 3 flavors.
good figure with 3 solid modes. the leg mode sucks butn its not needed. transformation is fun and much like the g1 version. roter needs a hindge down to the side of the arm to give it a 10 though as it gets in the way. pick him up
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