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Company: hasbro
Release year: 2012
Categories: 2012 (
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), Generations (

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Reviews - Generations Swindle (Fall of Cybertron)

Interesting Design and nice size but feels cheap and not made of quality plastic. Also not Swindle to me, but makes for okay cannon fodder. Unless you are building Bruticus, he's an easy pass.
Bec of how great is Swindle's persona, I want to LOVE this toy. Sadly,I don't. Conversion to vehicle= tedious & difficult. Toy feels cheap/hollow. Bot face/body lacks paint ap detail. Tho it counts for something he's is based on a kick@$$ FoC design,
Linkin Pax Westen Combs
my second favorite of the fivesome, tall and confident and still light weight, solid leg form provides support where brawl is lacking, arm form is sad though hole on top drops weapon if tipped upside down for me though
Good deco, nice sculpt, love the design. The gun is good. For the price, the face should have had the same silver paint as the SDCC version. Feels a little hollow, but looks good.
both modes look powerful and impressive. strange thing is that he is bigger than onslaut. transformation is cool but i don't like the fact that the arm mode is clublike. leg is solid but looks good never the less. pick him up for bruticus or if not
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