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Company: hasbro
Release year: 2012
Categories: 2012 (
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Reviews - Generations Decepticon Brawl (Fall of Cybertron)

I wanted so badly to love this guy, he's scrawny for being Brawl, and doesn't like to stand. I also don't like his drooping back pack design in robot mode. Vehicle mode would've been better with proper tank treads.
Linkin Pax Westen Combs
feet too small and tips over easily, deluxe size seems small compared to other tanks floppy backpack dosen't help in his standing issue
Stand-alone toy is OK. Vehicle doesn't do much. Tiny gun accessory. OK robot, joints a little floppy. Could be better. Not bad, just not inspired for the price.
both vehicle and bot modes look good. cannons make a nice siluet when backlit. leg mode is nice but arm mode is sucky. transformation is fun and well skulpted. the figure is a little small but you need this guy in your lineup even if not for bruticus
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