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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2013
Categories: 2013 (
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Reviews - Generations Ultra Magnus (Fall of Cybertron)

like optimus before him this fig is a little small but this new deco makes the mold pop. it is truely a mold for magnus rather than prime. the sword alone is worth the cash spent. get this guy over prime
Never bothered with FOC Optimus because he just looked inferior to WFC version. U.M. looks really good but he's really small by comparison so it's hard to place him in my collection. Do have him set up to fight Cyclonus though. Overall, recommended.
I agree with DS2. The weapon makes this figure worth it, and you could easily equip it on FoC Prime. If you don't already have FoC Prime, get Magnus instead for the sword.
Do you buy third-party weapons? If so, buy Ultra Magnus for his sword. The entire toy is worth the asking price, and is basically FOC OP with a new head and new deco. It's fun, it's great to transform. Giant merged sword worth the price of admission.
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