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Release year: 2013
Categories: 2013 (
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Reviews - Generations Metroplex (Fall of Cybertron, with Scamper)

a fantasticly solid figure in all modes. the fact he is just spread out can be excused as he's a cybertronian city and the shear size makes him a wonder to own. Skamper is fun also and so many features to entertain with. if you have the funds. get him
Jareth the Crimson
Absolutly fantastic mold. I figured out the problem of the helmet though. There's a small catch in the slide on the inside of the helmet.If jou push the cheeks a little bit outwards and push the helmet down the pegs on the side of the face klik inplace
Just an absolute beast of a fig. He just towers over my whole TF collection. Pretty damn good posing ability 4 being a huge fig. Looks cool in bot mode and city mode. Vehicle mode is ehhh. Cannon on his shoulder is def the best look for him. Def must have
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