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Release year: 2014
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Reviews - Generations Centuritron: Mini-Con Assault Team (Windshear, Heavytread and Runway)

large for mini-cons but this is forgivable seeing as these are Ammonites. 3 nice but not perfect modes and a combined form that looks impressive though has limited articulation because of the way its formed. if you see him pick him up but lacks paint
Plastic quality feels cheap, but they are fun to play with in both combined and individual modes. The color scheme is bland and could benefit from additional colors.
Linkin Pax Westen Combs
also no head articulation in combined form, which could have been accomplished easily, and very hollow cavities all around, each is larger than the average cyberverse legion figure
Linkin Pax Westen Combs
not quite a ten because mini-cons are too large and plastic quality seems cheap, the team fits well and the parts go together well but paint is a bit lacking, gun looks ridiculous so i usually mount the separate weapons on the combined figure
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