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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2007
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Reviews - Classics Mirage

megatron has a kitty kat
i was mad at him for a month i didnt have classics mirage and deluxe prime and deluxe megatron for 2 weeks before they were taken .im sorry for putting my anger on mirage's page . he was my favorite of my 4 classics figures. i will just buy them on ebay
megatron has a kitty kat
deserves a 12 because of that stupid stepmom that wanted me to grow up this message is for all fans of transformers. if your told to get rid of your toys except a 9" by 14" box of your favorites and your father takes that box and gives it away
Awsome! I almost got one of these for my collection,but I chose to get a G1 remake Ramjet instead. Articulation is inproved over the original toy,but considering when it was made,the original is awsome! I agree Cybertron Warrior,It is a good homage to G1!
starscream is whiney
very poseable tf with great features and a cool looking gun. i lost his gun but he still works perfect!!!
missiong his shoulder rocket launcher besides that good fig to own!
Bass X0
A great Classics toy - sure there are more popular characters than Mirage but his alternate form is unique among the original Autobot cars. Well designed and great transformation. He looks a lot better if you don't remove his weapon when transforming him.
today i got mirage cliffjumper and grimlock at target for 20 bucks i think that mirage has the most looks like the g1 mirage and he is a little taller than cliffjumper overall mirage is the 2nd best out of the classics line
Wheelie is My Name
He is average. His head is too small for his body. I am not fan his weapon. He seems to be cheaply made. I was never a huge mirage fan. I always thought he was whiner. Indy car transformers in general are not cool. Ex (Deluge)
give me the cube
His articulation really kicks ass. he is really cool but my only complain is the small size of his head and how thin his body is. Despite the fact that he looks small, I still highly recommend him.
Electro Boogie Bot
Nice! Mirage is very well-designed. He's a slim, sleek Autobot that looks cool in both car and robot form. His head does seem a little too small compared to the rest of his body though, which is why I rate him an 8 instead of a 10.
He's really cool. Great looking alt mode, very unique robot mode. Genius homage to G1. Nice colors, good transformation. Neato!
VERy nice toy one other reason the classics own all!
The Liege Skorponok
this guy is great so far the best of the series.only complaint is the weapon storage in bot mode.
Great design, alt mode, face, and he's easy to get in cool poses. Whats not to like about him?
This is definatley a great homage to G1 Mirage as well as an excellent model in its own right. I don't see anything wrong with it and also see great kitbash potential. with its proportions, this mold would also make an excellent fembot.
Aside frome the thin waist, bot mode is good, and veh mode is great. Get him when you find him
Somehow, this is my least favorite Classic. The car mode is great, with nice homages all over it (witwicky sparkplugs!). The robot mode, I just don't really care for...and the "gun" just doesn't look right. Still though...it's definitely Mirage!
So great Im speachless.
This is my favorite of the Classics line thus far. I love the style. He brings a new and sporty look to transformers. The Robot mode and vehicle mode are very nicely disguised in their opposites. The transformation is great, and so are all the decals. A++
This guy is very nicely done. He has great articulation, another unique transformation, and his style is a beautiful homage to G1. My only complaint is that his head is teeny tiny. I actually like the waist, it makes him look more like Neon Genesis EVA
Great match to G1. Mirage has always been one of my favorites. I knew when I seen him, he would "disappear" from the shelf. His waistline is very thin, If he was life sized his waist would still be smaller than mine. Great toy, go buy him.
Absolutely beautiful. After so many bulky 'bots and figures hindered by kibble, Mirage has fantastic proportions, superior articulation, and is appropriately sleek in both modes. A truly splendid G-1 homage.
Yeah! I like Mirage. I want him because he has two homages: First the car form is a homage to G1 Mirage. and second, his sponsor "Witwicky Sparkplugs" is a homage to the G1 human Sparkplug Witwicky. Totally awesome!
Spindly and flexible as a 13-year old Chinese contortionist. If anyone complains about the placement of his wheels, they were in the same place back in G1.Overall, he's beautiful.My only complaint-why is he slower than Hot Rod?
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