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1.  3rd Party CA-13 Diesel
2.  3rd Party FT-04(T,X,D,G) Scoria (Not Slag)
3.  3rd Party FT-05(T) Soar (Not Swoop)
4.  3rd Party Function-X4 Sigma L (Not Mindwipe)
5.  3rd Party Gauntlet (not Ironfist)
6.  3rd Party KA9 Kar Krash (Not G2 Breakdown)
7.  3rd Party LER-01 Columpio (Not Sludge)
8.  3rd Party LER-02 Cubrar (Not Slag)
9.  3rd Party Maniaking (not- Galvatron)
10.  3rd Party Military Titans (not- Fall of Cybertron Onslaught)
11.  3rd Party PX-02 Caelus (not- Fall of Cybertron Swoop)
12.  3rd Party PX-03 Neptune (not Fall of Cybertron Sludge)
13.  3rd Party Trash Talk (not Swerve) and Cogwheel (not Gears)
14.  3rd Party Warden (Not MTMTE Fortress Maximus)
15.  3rd Party WB004 Warbot Revolver Core (Not Roadbuster)
16.  3rd Party WB005 Warbot Recoiler (Not G1 Rack)
17.  3rd Party WB006 Warbot Riftshot Core (Not G1 Ruin)
18.  Angry Birds Bumblebee Bird
19.  Angry Birds Bumblebee Bird Blast Launcher w/ Goldbite Grimlock Bird
20.  Angry Birds Energon Racers Pack (Soundwave Pig, Lockdown Pig, Starscream Pig, Optimus Prime Bird, Gr
21.  Angry Birds Galvatron Pig
22.  Angry Birds Heatwave Bird
23.  Angry Birds Jenga Bumblebee Game
24.  Angry Birds Jenga Galvatron Pig
25.  Angry Birds Jenga Heatwave the Fire-Bot Bird

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