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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2004
Categories: 2004 (
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Reviews - Energon Optimus Prime

optimus fan
i just got my optimus and i am pleased. i thought it would only be cool in super mode, but i was wrong. his regular bot mode has a lot of articulation, and even if he is fat, he still is awsome in super mode.though hes not as good as optimul from BW.
ben murphy
Does any one have the version with the show accurate faceplate? Are they going to change the colors to look more like the show?
Optimus Prime
This Optimus Prime toy is not the best. the armada was cooler but with this prime we get a cool look at his old form in G1. He looks alot alike. This Optimus has cool transform,
Im writing to praise Goo's commentary, not Blechtimus Puke. A 'piece of rotting poo"! Thats the most brilliant description Ive ever seen! This guy must have an IQ of 180!!!
I really love it especilly when I could change it into super optimus prime by my self.[its really fun] But when I found out it could combine with jetfire and overload I thought I really wanted them 2!!!
I agree with everyone else, his price is way off. I'm pretty dissappointed, After RID Prime, they have steadily gone down hill, Perhaps they should have stopped with RID Prime. However i am in love with my new 20th anniversary Prime!
If this guy were real, I'd have one thing to say to him: "Lay off the Krispy Kremes". "Mega-Zord" gimmick doesn't work for me. Trailer is good as a base, but would have prefered that it could combine with robot.
i'm glad to see i'm not alone in thinking his price was a slap in the face, what the hell were they smoking when pricing him. His articultion isn't that good its medium. His details look sloppy compared to scorp. And transforming him IS NOT FUN.
If his price was more like $20 bux i guaruntee he would have gotten 8's or 9's across the board. But $40 dollars compared to the 2 things he does just isn't justified, anyone who knows price & quality, will know his price out-weighs his quality.
Low grades just because of the way he looks? This needs correcting! Op is SUPPOSED to be big, because he combines with his OP-units, which act like the arms/legs of someone like Ruination and not Mini-Cons. He also has pretty impressive articulation.
I am sorry, i loved the show, but hated optimus. I don't feel like he is a transformer anymore, instead he is more of a living megazord. I really feel like he is missing something. Maybe the next Optimus will be better.
I thought once the show starts i'd like him more. But the show turned optimus into some sort of megazord/voltron.Its the only part of the show i don't like. Even the kids are better. I hate this overpriced toy, and i don't like him on the show either.
ben murphy
As a fan and collector, I find how much I like a toy has a lot to do with how much I like the character on the show. The toys are very show accurate and If the cartoon kicks, I think you'll all likes your primes alot more. $24.99 would be fair.
Forget the dumb mouth piece, fix the assualt vehicles! I want them to transform into robots like all the other combiners. They could have NO. They should have done more to this toy. $40 Is not justified. THIS THING SUX!
craigimus prime
not the best but still good the pictures ive seen make him look bad but hes a good toy. gun needs paintin and needs to go on the slim fast but who cares christmas has just passed hasbro please get the mouth sorted
I got him 1st and loved him, then i spent 20 dollars on scorponok, and there really is a difference between the to. Now, i kinda feel a little ripped off, this Optimus just doesn't compare to his decepticon/terracon equally at all.
He is an awsome Transformer but how he has a mouth thats just flat out ugly but I must say super robot mode is so cool.
Black Widow
I think he's an ok TF, fat though, Not to sure about what they were thinking. I think that maybe they are a little confused about what toy line they are making. He seems more like a Power Rangers Megazord.
ugh, what a waste of your hard earned ca$h. More expensive then any other TF except Unicron. And he is not worth more then $15 buks. And his ARTICULATION IS NOT as good as everyone says. its mediocre at best. what a waste of MONEY!
I have to agree, compared to scorponok he is crudy. and you can't not compare them, they are enemys! It is really really sad to see that cheaper scorponok is of much better quality then his expensive autobot counterpart. :(
Good question, why does scorponok do more for the price compared to Optimus? I mean Optimus is a miserable failure compared to scorponok. Its Autobot leader vs Decepticon leader, and the Decepticon wins hands down!
I decided to shell out the $40+ bucks for him. And he isn't that bad, just not worth $40. I can see why people are pissed off. He is worth more in the $20-$25 range. also if his trailor and cars did something, he'd be ALOT better. D-
I skipped him too, and chose scorponok. And TRS was chock full of Armada and Energon OP's. They had 4 whole shelves all to themselves. Maybe if they lower the priced to around $25 i'll check him out, otherwise forget it. To expensive.
Who the hell thought up this thing? Must have been a former employee of Bandai. I don't like his details, when he is a truck it just looks horrible. and whats with the non transforming minicons? And i agree, $40 is to much money for this poor excuse
Nope he don't do it for me, he is to expensive for the few things he does. Plus it doesn't help his case that Scorponok is cheaper and 100% better. My advice is to wait for the 20th anniversary Prime. He will be worth the money. Unlike this thing.
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