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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2004
Categories: 2004 (
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Reviews - Energon Optimus Prime

Leave him in S.mode. The truck looks bad. The basic bot is unproportonate,& the colors bite. I give props to the articulation,& wonder why they didn't finish the head. The matrix leaves much to be desired, still much better than ARM Prime. EVILMUS PRIME!!
I paid $40 for this Prime, and i am not as forgiving as others may be. I work alot of wknds for my $$ and i feel he wasn't worth more then 20bks. What exactly does $40 pay for? Good articulation? a useless trailor? 4 cars that are not tfs? RIP OFF!
i have mixed feelings about this one, on one hand he has geat articlation and good details, but on the other, trailor is worst yet, mini-cars only become arms or legs, he looks kinda ok, BUT he's EXPENSIVE, so they could've done a better job!
Articulation is good, but this is not what TF should be, A true transformers combiner would have other TF's combine 2 form a new bot. Not useless carz, and the trailor really sux. For a $40 optimus prime I expect more, much more.
Ace of Spades
Sure, he's got the mouth and the tubby robot mode. But he is still lots of fun to play with. He's got great articulation for a combiner, he's got lots of detail. Only gripe is the price tag. Overall, he's what a Transformer should be: A fun TOY.
Do not buy him and Scorponok together!! You will be very dissapointed. I was, Scorponok is cheaper and better in every single way. While Prime is lame and boring, I spent 5 minutes with him then went back to Scorponok. I haven't touched Prime since.
inferno's fire
Its obvious this Optimus Prime is only going to be liked by some people. He is more of an aquired taste. Not mine though. He looses points for the useless trailor and exo - vehicles, + his high price. WARNING, BUY WITH CAUTION, HE IS NOT FOR EVERYONE.
I thought he'd be great. I took him out of the box, combined him, transformed him, combined him again. And after 2 weeks, He hasn't grown on me. Infact I like him less and less every time I look at him. What a freaking disappointment. JUST YUCK!
The $40 price tag is too much for this hunk of junk. If you like him then chances are your a Power Rangers fan. Personaly I feel ripped off. $40 for a trailor and 4 small vehicles that do NOTHING! They don't transform. He is only worth $25 at best.
I got him and Scorponok together, and wow the comparison is sad. Although he does have some good details and articulation, is is just boring compared to Scorponok. His super form doesn't work for me, and his other modes are ugly. He isn't worth $40
His articulation surpasses Armada Prime by 100%. But his trailor and vehicles are boring, almost useless. I don't care for the super form, and his normal form is..well intersting. As a truck, he just doesn't cut it. So overall he wasn't worth the $40.
It's a very different kind of Prime. While it's a little short for $40, it's nice because you don't already have one like it. Good modes, iffy sculpt, decent gimmicks. Would be better if it were taller.
In many ways, the opposite of Armada toy >trailor does little but hold vehicles & bot is quite posable! Truck took some getting used to but the more I see it the more I like it. Head reminds me of Powermaster OP >a nice touch. Small vehicles don't excite
He is gettin a 4 because of his great articulation, but he doesn't do it for me. Keep the megazord theme with the power rangers. And when is the Skorponok review gonna appear? I have him and he is the best yet, a definite 10.
I wanted to like this thing so much, but sadly I don't. If it were a magazord I'd give it a 10. But as a transformer I just don't like it. The cab mode is hideous, and his normal robot mode is ugly to look at. As megazord his arms & legs switch place.
I have a hard time liking Energon Prime. The MegaZord idea is bad. I dislike his truck mode, his body shape in robot form, and the "hat" he has for his gestalt mode. Though the fact that each of his helper vehicles can be either an arm or a leg is cool.
Energon Optimus Prime is 1,000 Times better than the Armada version. I like the Power Rangers based super form because it pays homage to another great line of toys and shows. Articulation is very good for Energon Optimus. Trailer is good too.
The combined mode is really cool and very poseable. I don't know when hasbro will realize to sacrifice electronics - when it affects the look of the figure. This figure is way more poseable than the Armada Optimus.
The mouth plate could be worked on.. the power ranger gimmic over used.. but still one of the better figures.. Prime is at his best when super mode is formed though. That's why his main form is out of wack. Transformation reminds me of the original Op.
Ugh. By far the worst Optimus Prime EVER!! Not only does the whole Voltron/Megazord thing not work, but he's really ugly. His mini-vehicles don't do anything except make up his arms and legs. Overall i find this Prime very, very disappointing.
Better than Armada Prime, worse than R.I.D. Prime. Overall, just a good toy.
Somewhat disappointing, only because of his weight issues, i.e. bulky gut and can't put arms all the way down. I have to agree with the idea that he may have gone on a binge after Armada. Like the fact that he is kind of like the old Voltron
i dislike his fatness but looks good when combined with vehicles. vehicles are okay and vehicle mode is pretty good. lacks weapons though. ugly lookinig face.
+: Vehicle Mode isn't half bad. Looks like he could do damage. Transformation is quick. -: Prime a Power Ranger? NOT! The head/mouth is laughable. Weak sounds. Why doesn't the chest light work? Horrible colors and forgetable "buddy" vehicle designs.
The 4 exo-vehicles is another unique concept, though I'm waiting to see how they're handled in fiction. It seems that a lot of play-potential was sacrificed for the interchangability of the arms & legs. Interchangable limbs aren't necessary to me.
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