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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2004
Categories: 2004 (
), Leader (
), Energon (

Reviews - Energon Optimus Prime

OK.Why do people keep making fun of his weight?So he ate too many Energon cubes after Armada ended!Maybe because he was depressed on how the story ended.lol.If superman was fat and saved your life,would you make fun of him?No,don't think so!
I disagree with Admiral Brad,I like the way he looks.The only thing that could be worked on is the articulation and that darn mouth.Other than that,he is an excellent toy!Who does Optimus85 think he is anyway,The Rock?
Professor Milk
Better than I expected. The trailer/base is dissapointing. Super mode looks great, has a lot of play value and a surprising amout of articulation. Regular robot mode has a "truck gut" but not nearly as obese as internet pics made it out to be.
Unicron -z 3000
Awsome mini-cons that come with Optimus! All four of these mini-cons merge with Optimus to become a major Optimus Prime. The trailor is kind of weird though. All in all, can't waight for it to come out so I can buy it!!
I like the powerlinking prime here but his face really bad. I'm glad there fixing it i have 2 say overall i still dislike him.
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