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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2004
Categories: 2004 (
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Reviews - Energon Optimus Prime

Windows skynet
watch out powerrangers optimus prime megazord is comming lol. substanderd alt mode but the hole drone thing is interesting
My least faourite Prime, you can see his arms and the top of his head in vehicle mode, super mode doesn't even look like prime! They should have at-least made one of the drones look like roller.
Good, but not best, homage to G1 Prime, but why does he combine with all those vehicles? Weird.
Kira Yamato
I felt sorry for Grand Convoy. I know he's fat as a toy but in the anime, he was really muscular and lean. He's also my favorite Convoy because of his homage to Ginrai and numerous japanese Super Robot animes(mostly Machine Robo and Golion).
Cybertron Scatorshot
...And the TFfan is back!!!!!!
The Cybertron defense
Hey, those of you who've gotten the mouthplate version(which is a late vesion of the toy)then you are lucky because I had the mouthplate. But don't worry, the mouthplate is not rare!
The Cybertron defense
Hey! Your kung fu cannot defeat me! Oh. I'm sorry you had to hear that.
Gold Ranger
I loved Power Rangers, and I loved Transformers. Really a great toy. Captain Gundam's right, never judge a book by its cover.
The toy is awesome,it really gives off great homages to Ginrai from Transformers Victory. And also, if you combine him with Wing Saber or Omega Supreme, you can see how great this toy is. I know how fat he is but you'll get used to it.
Captain Gundam
I know lot of people say that E-Prime was bad because he's fat and a Power Ranger ripoff, but who cares? This toy is great. It helps brought back uses of the Transformers gestalts from G1. Don't judge a book by its cover, it's really worthwhile.
Cybertron Defense Scattorshot
This guy is very good. Other than his head being loose, lack of poseability, and his Megazord and his muy muy mucho overweightness he is cool. I have him and he has a mouthplate which is better. And he definitely reminds me of Power Rangers. Primal stupid
I loved this Prime. It reminds me alot like the original Megazord from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. And plus, its great for my Power Ranger collection.
it was actually better than expected...I'll admit that he does look fat, but when u put his legs forward and bend his knees a lil, he doesn't look so bad. Good super OP powerlinx mode! also great that he can combine with Wing saber or omega supreme.
this is a great toy the super mode looks cool and he can powerlink with Wingsaber and Omegasupream but I sort of like the face there should be a prime with a face he looks good with it.
Rodimus Omega
Got the mouthless version. Skinny legs and arms in robot mode. Prefer it Combined. Not as bad as i first perceive. Overall not bad..just wish the trailer could do more like all the previous primes
It appears that the second half of the reviews are much higher than the 1st half. This is due to the fact that Hasbro have fixed many things up and new transformers are coming out that can imprive Prime. Got a mouthless one and Im impressed
Doesnt look good in photos but is better than what I expected. When I purchased mine, for some reason he has no mouth :D
Got a lightblue-no mouth one. Didn't had much expectations. But he's a lot better then I expected. If you dislike the backpack, take it off then. OP units should have been tf's But overall recomended!
first glances you would think, what the hell did Hasbro do to his limbs? They're soo small. Agreed but there are reasons. Clipping on the mini-cons will put him back to shape. As a suggestion try only clipping on the legs. He'll actually look heaps good.
Not very impressive with this one. Robot mode, his body is way too bit and his limbs are too small. Powerlinking is even worse. Now he looks like a robot from power rangers. I suggest you get the 20th year Optimus Prime
Random hero
i had my doubt on him ill admit. it took me 6 months to buy him and now that i have him, im prety pleased with him. He's one of the best primes thye have made
Rodimus Prime
It pains me to see all you guys writing trash about Prime. This form is cool. He has a cool gun and nice in both forms. I like the powerlink with his Prime Force. And also enough about the Megazord stuff. Prime looks nothing like that.
Optimus should've been correctly called Fatimus. The bot design is bad and colors do not do it justice. Hate the Voltron combining limbs concept, if I want that I'll get Voltron not Transformers. Lastly the trailer is useless and the mouth bad.
This is a good toy, but a bad transformer. Simple in design, however great for the young Transfans. Blocky design and multicolors won't exceite older fans. Good Idea, Poorly executed.
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