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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2002
Categories: 2002 (
), Super Base (
), Armada (
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Reviews - Armada Optimus Prime w/ Sparkplug

Optimus Prime is a great toy.
Servant of Unicron
Pathetic.practically no articulation and limited motion.also the cab has to transform automatically.super mode legs are way to stiff.this toy makes me sick
One of the best TF's out there now. Great minicon, great toy. And the cab transforms by itself. Awesome! I like the fact that super modes legs are stiff, I don't want my foot tall robot falling over all the time!
Love the truck. The basic bot is fine but lacks movement, self change often fails. Supermode is worthless, keeps falling. Yes Megatron needs knees, but in a best of 5 push match: Megatron 5, Prime collapsed. EVILMUS PRIME
Truck looks great. Standard Convoy mode is pretty good. Super Prime...eh...well...those are legs? Well, at least he looks good in every mode. I like him
The Ol' Dave
Truck mode is amazing! Small robot needs shoulders. Supermode's arms don't move and collapses at slightest touch! Mini-con is fine. Auto transform is nice when it works. Nice try Hasbro, now bow your head and start again!!
Olsonus Prime
The chest piece is annoying in that it keeps flipping up. But the super robot is another story. It looks pretty cool from the front. But lower body is unuseable. Upper body has more articulation though. Overall it i a bit better than The RID version.
Terrible toy. For hardcore Optimus Prime fans only.
The One Called Zorron
Pretty good TF. Not sure I like the battle pants gimmic but the self TFing trailer is cool. I loved the colors. SP reminds me of bumblebee.
Fantastic! good in every mode ! i think some reviews are just too picky ! we should respect the originality of the IR device. Thanks for Hasbro!!
Side Burn
Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!Only complaint is lack of arculation.
Ein Mark II
Okay, the gimmick here is the BEST. Remote control transforming is just plain cool. The cab Op is cool, and sparkplug is a solid, little guy. My light in his hand is a bit dim, and I'm missing a sound effect but I still love it. Could be more poseable.
Jaroslaw Lis
Very nice toy, a bit on the expensive side but non the less a great toy. 2nd version is much better due to remolded shoulder.
FIrst, I don't know why Optimus has to be more expensive than Megatron. Second, I think for the money you pay for Megatron, you get a better deal for him. Transformation on both sux, but at least Megatron is not that expensive. Optimus is ugly too.
Aluminus Kann
Well, dont dog on this too deeply quite yet, there's moer, Optimus Prime can now merge with teh Armada Spaceshuttle version of Jetfire to become even larger. the figure looks nice, but do away with the Powerranger zoid head and even I might buy it.
It keeps together better than the RID OP in truck and super modes, however super mode is weak both structurally and aesthetically. The cab is nicely done, but I must admit that durability and sturdiness matter more to me than articulation.
Tim Lopez
I got this TF today via online purchase I Quite happy with everything but the super mode
Robot mode's bad, truck mode's bad, super robot mode's bad, Sparkplug's bad, instructions's bad, base mode's bad, weapons's bad. Box and packaging rules!
This review is for Optimus Prime only (Sparkplug rules). I never liked Optimus Prime much as a toy, but this version justifies that opinion. Poor transformations, having the appearance of a jumbled mess, and no articulation makes this toy an F-.
scotty g
i liked the normal OP, but the super OP, man, i doesnt even have a back to it, i thought someone would bring that up, never mind the messed up legs, look at em, c'mon, im agreein with the homie who said its as bad as RID Bruticus
Another fantastic Prime from Hasbro the only thing it needed was posable lebs. I love the light up hand feature, and the moving faceplate.
Primal Optimus
This Optimus Prime makes me wonder if Hasbro should have put more research into making this toy. It is simply awful. Hyped. They did it because it cost WAY too much money to buy this chunk of plastic. Looks bad, transforms bad, just bad in general.
Dai Atlas
Almost as bad as Bruticus from RID, but not quite. This Prime is the worst one since the BM Deluxe Prime. Poor posability, high price range, poor gimmicks (self-transformation is pointless. Get a Jumpstarter instead.) Save your money on this one.
Diggity Schwag
One of the best Optimus Prime figues, let alone transformers ever. Definitely worth picking up.
Mike T.
People at Toys R Us told me that this Optimus Prime was the best seller, but when I took him home, I was supremely disappointed. Compared to RID Optimus Prime, this Optimus Prime is really lacking. Looks and transformers badly.
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