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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2002
Categories: 2002 (
), Super Base (
), Armada (
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Reviews - Armada Optimus Prime w/ Sparkplug

The thing about this Optimus Prime is that its gimmicks aren't as good as Megatron, not as possable as Megatron, and Sparkplug is not as good as Leader-1.
I have to hand it to Hasbro...it's the first toy that's not a screw-up and personaly I think it came out perfect but I disagree with the unavalibility of a semi-truck noise. I'd like to honk while I run over people. -Scourgejet
looks too plasticy and there is only one Prime and he should've remained dead. It was all down hill from the Movie.
I have not gotten one of my own yet but I have friends that have it. Very alsome toy, Then you can hook it up with Jetfire too. Now that is cool. Just can't wait to see it the future holds more hook-up like this.
Volt Prime
I think this toy is awesome. The only problem is that the trailer transforms by itself.
I just put in layaway at Wal Mart and I think he is awesome the only problem I think I might have with the toy is the trailer.
This is the best Prime yet the trailer transforms on its own is kinda stupid his Minicon is cool and when the Star saber and Skyboom shield is put in his hand he looks awsome.
I love Armada Prime. My mom got him for me as a gift, and he quickly became my favorite Prime. The bulk of this sculpt and the fun of the simple TF is what does it for me. Each new figure that he combines with makes him better. Minicon a bonus.
really bad because the trailor is always loose. prime at his worst.
Definately NOT better than RID Prime.The worst Prime dollar for dollar ever made.Poor paint job, flawed auto transformation and bits like to break off.His forearm cannons pop out all the time.A very cheap and lousy base mode.A disaster to avoid.
even though alot of people are dissing this toy, i like sparkplug. but you can't get him unless you buy the brick that comes with it. prime plain blows because he is not possable, too expensieve, and his base mode is ugly. super prime blows too.
Buster Witwicky
Problem with this toy is that Hasbro released it before the Supercon version. Unlike Megatron, this toy too, is gimmick-laden, but the gimmicks (and aesthetics) are much weaker than Megatron's. Unless you collect Optimus Primes, skip over this toy.
What are you guys talking about? no posibility my behind, i can put this dude in so many action poses. The colors are just fine on both forms although the super prime head is kinda dumb.
Major disappointment. Good thing they came out with Supercon Prime, else the whole Armada Autobot toyline would be a write off. Next to no articulation, way too expensive (I got mine for $57 on ebay,) and cheap play features makes this toy a flop.
Bad figure in both modes, ugly truck and base mode. Sparkplug is only okay. Costs too much for this toy.
Autobot Fan
i hate to give my favorite character such a low score, but this toy really forced me to do it. looks and transforms bad. i am hoping that this is only one of the many optimus primes they will make, because if it isn't, then i really hate armada.
this prime is ok, not great but not bad, trailor gimmick is good, matrix in chest is good plus, but posability is bad and sparkplugs name should be bumblebee. other then that, it aint as cool as the G1 prime, but it certanly beats machine wars prime.
Major disappointment. Good thing they made Supercon Prime. Poor articulation, ugly trailer, simple to none tfing, and really limited playability makes this toy a pass. Only good thing: Sparkplug. One of the best minicons out there.
Awsome cool way beter than primal and is easy.
cool especially how he can use the wheels under his feet(when in super mode)to sort of walk/drive in dif direction
Next-to-no possibility, pre-school level of transformation, high price tag, questionable base mode, and over all ugliness of the toy = What was Hasbro thinking?!? For indiscriminate Autobot fans only.
optimus is nice in vehicle mode transformation is disapointing his minicon should have a higher difficulty rating than he does he looks very strange when he transforms with the base he has no back wheres his back?!?!?!
sideshow sideswipe
I like the way he looks and sparkplug too, but it is a very unbalanced toy. Legs are unposable in both robot modes. I expected a toy full of gimmicks and fun, but instead got a half-decent prime with an overdone base mode. the wee-ones will love it tho.
Brandon Williams
Decent toy, except for lack of poseability in super mode and a few other sacrifices made for the gimmick. Sparkplug is fun. Gimmick makes the toy worth buying, in my opinion.
Normally, this'd lose a point for a) the super mode head (try leaving the ears folded against the side of his head, it looks much better) and b) the tank tracks on the trailer, but I think the IR, Sparkplug and the moving mouth make up for this. Cool.
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