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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2002
Categories: 2002 (
), Super Base (
), Armada (
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Reviews - Armada Optimus Prime w/ Sparkplug

High Road
Bought him same day as the destruction team. Leg missile is way too sensitive. Smokestack gun halves pop off when they shouldn't. Sounds are nice but get in the way. I didn't expect the auto tf gimmick to work. Sparkplug is the best Minicon so far.
For god sakes his legs don't even "move." I would've gladly sacrificed the auto-change gimmick if it would have given me some poseability. I hate this line. The whole concept is way to gimmicky and it's taking away from the quality of the main toy.
He's big,really blocky! He's just about as posible as the original op, and his trailer really stinks. You have to point the cab right at the sensor and help it transform. I'm not very impressed. I think now that I have op I'm not buying any more.
Totally awsome!!!! A must get for transformer and optimus fans alike!!!!!
Richard F. Suarez (Comics Section)
Like Armada Megs, this toy looses 2 points for being Vastly overpriced, and isn't very detailed or posable. The Vehicle and Robot modes are average and the Base and Super robot modes are just stupid looking. A Major Disappointment.
The figure itself looks okay but it could use a little more color to the cab and more posibility.The one problem I have with the figure is no tech spec to tell a little bit about the character and some autobot symbols would be nice on primes shoulders.
I don't know why everyone has problems with it going to base mode and "battlepants" mode. I've had mine for two days and haven't had any problems. Only minus is already stated lack of articulation. Other than that best Prime ever.
Absolutely magnificent! The moving face plate, the gun, and the fact that his trailer looks that much bigger and badder with mini-cons on top, makes me squeal with joy. The design is right on, he doesn't have to move an inch because he's so massive!.
I like this guy. Super Robot Mode is HUGE! Limited posebiltiy, however. Can't wait to see how Jetfire is going to add on to him!
Its not as great as it should be.the R.I.D(car robots)Prime set a high stander in poseability and detail. Saddly ARMADA Prime fell very flat on both notes.And asking 40$ for him dosent help either. If you HAVE to have every prime get him.Me I return him
tom-tom the sad crazed little monkey
i is liking this toy big much i is going to be happy if him combine with jetfire BUILD LIFE BUILD LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Overall a good figure, but not worth $40. And Suprise suprise his super bot mode is flimsy and unstable. the moving mouthplate idea is by far the worst idea hasbro has cooked up. Although his regular bot mode looks like he is taking steroids!
The truck cab is a pretty solid transformer. It is fairly poseable but still no BW, BM, or RID poseability. The trailer does not work right in automated transformation mode and I have not found one of these that does work. Cool figure but still no 10.
Once again, much like Megatron, my mayjor beef with this toy is the posability issue. The small prime could use more paint. I like the super bot mode a lot. One of the best TF guns ever. for the $ there is really very little TFation play value.
The Phantasm
The only disappointing thing is that the trailer doesn't always tf when I want it to. But other than that, Prime looks kick-ass! The only weird thing about Super Mode is that the head area looks like it's missing something.
Is it the greatest OP figure? No. Is it still very cool, if un-poseable? Yes. Great looking vehicle/robot, the auto-transform is fun, but a little unreliable. The only place it falls short are the super robot's gap-back and the un-poseable arms.
This optimus is kickin! I like how beefy he is with similarities in transformation to Scourge. His self transforming trailer is cool I just wish the toy wasn't so picking about when to send the IR signal to the trailer! Otherwise this Optimus rocks!
By far the best Optimus Prime yet. Better than even RiD Optimus Prime. Great in all three modes, especially the basic robot. Base mode has everything a complete team of Minicons could need.
The remote/automatic transformation is the keystone of this figure. It is strikingly unique among Transformers, but the trailer is dissappointingly simple overall (esp. battle station). Trailer aside, Optimus keeps closely with Armada's "feel" so far.
Optimus is the best Armada toy yet, and Sparkplug's the best Minicon yet! Sure, the Super robot is unstable and unposeable, but it's better than I first expected. The cab-bot makes up for it bigtime. If only it was a bit more than the trailer's remote.
If you're going to spend $40 on an OP toy, buy the G1 reissue. I'm not even going to acknowledge the super-robot mode (does OP ALWAYS need a "super" mode?). Overall a very low quality product. Hasbro: Fewer gimmicks, more substance... PLEASE.
Posability? whatever, this is a sweet toy! I urge all those searching for the quintisential pose to put their optimus in to finish off the diorama in their bedroom to remember this is a toy and a really impressive one at that.
Cab section and actual robot mode for it are pretty good, the base mode is ok. Combined robot mode is an expensive joke. Huge gaping void left in the backside by the annoying auto transforming feature. Mildly recommended at a if found at a lower price.
Not as possible as I would like, but a great figure none the less. Great color scheme and action features. VERY COOL design. It also has great potential for future addons. Sparkplug's not so bad either, I like the resemblance to Bumblebee.
I was really torn on a number here. I think the trailor looks awsome along with the cab, The transformed cab looks cool and even the trailor. The Super Robot is just sad though..IR is cool when it works. Way too blocky in SR Form
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