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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2002
Categories: 2002 (
), Super Base (
), Armada (
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Reviews - Armada Optimus Prime w/ Sparkplug

I was highly anticipating the Armada line I loved RID but this Prime just didn't work The robot mode's lack of poseability really upset me I loved the moving mouthpiece but save your money on this one it just isn't as fun as it could be
Magnus P.I.
Looks great, but thats about it. Its baffling why they couldn't have put more articulation in this guy. Super Mode barely stands at all, and the IR gimmick is ok. Definetely not worth the inflated price.
Some problems with the auto-transforming features and I nealy ripped off one of Super Primes arms while trying to get him back into truck mode. Can't wait to see what else Armada has to offer.
Decepticus Prime
This thing is cool...just fricking cool, except for a couple things...the base has alot of trouble transforming, and the legs in super bot hardly ever stick together, making it look like he doesnt have legs...cant wait til we get skyfire though...
Base Optimus is sweet(10+). Cool paint scheme/design. Auto trailer transformation works horrible, always transforms to the improper mode, if at all. Hasbro should give up the gimmicks in the future, they just ruin a good toy & waste money. Less is more.
If only the Super robot didn't stink, he would recieve a 10. In all other aspects, a great Optimus. HIGH playabiltiy, old school charm, new school style.
Angel Convoy Prime
Design-wise this is an awesome Optimus. I especially like the face plate moving when you push the button on top of his head. Gold replaces the tacky yellow on the prototype pics ans looks much better. Trailer is awkward and fragile. Best Op since Laser!
Shonka Prime
Awesome, just awesome. Words can't describe how cool this toy is. I can't put it down.
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